A gorgeous baby waffle pique fabric from Robert Kaufman. Called "baby" because the pique pattern is small, not because that's the only application!  It has a wonderful array of uses.  It has a bit of a stiff body, even when laundered.

A wonderfully sturdy fabric, pique is often seen in vintage garments as sportswear or casual outfits from the 1910s until the 1960s (and even now!) and would make an excellent casual suits, skirts, jackets, trousers, or structured blouses.  Pique is also a fabulous fabric to use for collars and cuffs.

Our ancestors used white fabrics quite liberally and for practical garments, as it could be bleached if soiled.

There are occasional slubs or irregularities in weave, which are natural to the production process for this fabric.

We suggest pairing with our Smooth Sailing Trousers, 1910's Suit, Rita Shorts, Gina Dress, Sporty Toppers Hats, Veronica Coat, Chic Ahoy Slacks, or Sailor Girl Playsuit. 

Fabric details:

Content: 100% Cotton

Width: 56/58" Wide

Fabric Care:  Machine wash warm delicate cycle.  Tumble dry low.  Use cool iron.  Not intended for use in children's sleepwear.

Characteristics: Mid-Heavy cotton.

Maker: Robert Kaufman

Collection: Unknown

Sold in whole yard increments.  1=1 yard.

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