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WH Pattern Use Policy

Wearing History Patterns Use Policy

The use policy below is for Wearing History sewing patterns. The other pattern lines we carry on this site have their own use policies and we suggest you check with the pattern maker for their terms of use, as they may vary from our own.

The main focus of Wearing History Sewing Patterns has always been making patterns available for individuals to sew garments for themselves.  We believe in your creativity and investing in yourself, your skills, and talents, and watching them grow.  This is the main intent of why I make these sewing patterns available.

Wearing History Patterns previously were for non-profit personal use only.  Such as- for making garments for yourself, a family member, or friend.  They could also be used for church bazaar fundraisers or charitable work. But the time has come for us to revisit our intent, and as such, the use policy has been changed.

We believe in small makers supporting one another.  We also believe in community among small makers.

In light of this, our new policy allows personal home sewing use INCLUDING creating objects for sale on a small scale.

This new policy means you personally can use the pattern to make things to sell for craft fairs, maker fairs, Etsy shops, and other small home based business uses, PROVIDED you mention Wearing History in the product listing or tag, and give us a link back (or hashtag and tag Wearing History on social media where you can't post links such as Instagram).  I support you, you support me.

The Nitty Gritty Details

If you chose to use Wearing History patterns to make items for sale we ask that you please comply with the following:

  • If you use Wearing History Patterns to create a garment for sale, please mention us and link back to us.  That way we support each other as makers.
  • We ask that you do not use our images.  If you chose to create a garment for sale from Wearing History Patterns, you must provide images of a garment you have made yourself.  You may not use our pattern cover images or our sample images. Our images are protected under intellectual property rights.
  • The new use policy does NOT allow commercial production using Wearing History sewing patterns.  Commercial production means having others sew garments for you on an industrial scale (whether small or large scale, whether in home or outside the home).  Our patterns are not intended or drafted for commercial industrial use.
  • Wearing History is not liable for your compliance with regional, local, or state laws pertaining to small business.  It's up to you to check if you are allowed to create garments in your home and comply with any legal business requirements.
  • Wearing History is not liable for your compliance with laws pertaining to ready made children's garments.  We create patterns based on period originals or new patterns drafted to evoke historical time eras, but the creation of the end product is up to you.  There are laws in place for children's garments and the fabrics, notions, and trims you use that you must research and comply to.
  • Our patterns are blueprints to a style.  Since the main intent is for individuals to create garments for themselves, it is assumed a mock up will be made to check fit and proportions and then tailored to your needs.  If you use Wearing History Patterns to create a garment for sale,  it is suggested you test the fit and construction of different size fit models and adjust as needed.  We're not responsible for the fit or size of your final garment.

All Wearing History Patterns themselves, whether printed patterns or e-patterns,  are protected by intellectual property rights and are all rights reserved.  You cannot forward, copy, or distribute Wearing History patterns as this is against the use policy.  Please support small business by telling your friends they can purchase their own copy of Wearing History Patterns through this website.

All patterns bought prior or after October 2016 now fall under the use policy regardless of when the pattern was purchased or what is stated on the pattern itself.



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