Regency & Romantic Era Stays and Shift Pattern

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I’m very pleased to be offering this excellent pattern by fellow California based patternmaker Laughing Moon.

If you're looking to get into the Regency period, look no further!  With historical costuming, you start from the inside out.  Laughing Moon has come out with this excellent pattern for stays (or corset) and a shift (or chemise) so that you have a great foundation on which to build your new dresses!

The pattern for the stays were based on an extant set of stays from the Regency period.

Period foundations can change your figure, so we highly suggest you make your undies first, before making your gowns.


Pattern # 115

Ladies' Regency & Romantic Era Corset
1805 - 1840 with corded & Theatrical Versions
Corset with Chemise (In period terms- Stays & Shift))
Misses Sizes 4 - 40
All in the Envelope



View A is a traditional lightly boned, corded corset with slashed and inserted gussets. The corset is lined and corded with cotton string. It is constructed with 5 major pieces, shoulder straps, and eight gussets. The corset is bound on top and bottom. Metal eyelets were invented in 1828 and can be used, or the eyelets can be hand worked.
View B is a theatrical version designed to give the same relative silhouette with a simpler construction. It has seven major pieces, shoulder straps, and two gussets. Suggestions are given for boning. Chemise: It is constructed of two major pieces with shoulder straps, sleeves, and sleeve gussets. It has a drawstring neckline all the way around.

View A Fabric: Fabric and lining of white sateen is recommended. A light twill or medium broadcloth can be used. View A Notions: 20 size 00 grommets. 12" wood, metal, or bone busk recommended, actual size determined by the maker (a paint
stir stick will work). 44" or longer lace. 1 yard of 1/8 wide ribbon. Embroidery floss. Cotton butcher's string or cooking twine, about 1/16 to 3/32 wide, length dependant on cording pattern. Tapestry needles size 20 or 22. Needle nose pliers. Spiral or flat steel bones, length and amount determined by maker.

View B Fabric: White sateen or a light twill, broadcloth can be used for lining. View B Notions: 20 size)) grommets. 12" wood or metal busk recommended, actual size can be determined by the maker (paint stir stick). 44" or Continued.

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