Regency Era Spencer Jacket Pattern

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I’m very pleased to be offering this excellent pattern by fellow California based patternmaker Laughing Moon.

We all love those floaty, gauzy Regency era frocks. But what’s a girl to do if she gets cold? Well, look no farther, because Laughing Moon has supplied us with the perfect pattern to help keep Jane from getting the sniffles if she goes out in foul weather!

The pattern maker based this spencer on the bodice of an original Regency era gown. You can see details of the original extant gown on her Pinterest board here.


Pattern # 129

Ladies' Wrapping Front Spencer
1798 - 1809
4 Collars and 3 Back Variations


Printed on White Bond Paper with Colored Cutting Lines

Ladies’ Regency Wrapping Front Spencer with 4 Collar and 3 Back
Variations c. 1798-1809

All Views and Spencer jackets. They all have a wrapping front. View A has a ruffled collar. View B has a long falling collar and a ruffled back. View C has a tall falling collar and pleats at the center back. You can also opt to omit the falling part of the collar and have just a standing collar. There is also an option for a lower neckline with no collar. All Views have a two piece sleeve with attached cuff. All Bodices have four total darts. The darts can be converted to gathers.
Fabric: wool, cotton, linen, or silk View C is best made with wool
because of the construction of the high collar. Printed or figured, striped
or plain, embroidered, spangled, or all over motifs. Interfacing: View
B—Hair Canvas. View C—Linen collar interfacing. Lining: unbleached
muslin or silk Habotai (China Silk). Notions: 2 yards cotton or linen 3/8" tape.


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