Regency Era Bodiced Petticoat, Bum Roll, & Pocket Pattern

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Have you ever wondered what you're supposed to wear underneath those sheer Regency era frocks?  Well, this is the perfect solution!  This pattern is for a petticoat (slip) with a fitted bodice and attached skirt.

Also includes a bum pad that makes the skirts of your gown fall gracefully from the bottom of the bodice, and not collapse in at the small of your back, which is very helpful for the Regency era silhouette.

And if you've wondered where to stash your phone and cash while in costume, the pocket is a fantastic and useful accessory that keeps you looking period perfect while keeping your modern conveniences handy and yet hidden.

This wonderful pattern is by fellow California based pattern maker, Laughing Moon.


Ladies’ Bodiced Petticoat, Bum Roll & Pocket

Sizing- Includes bust sizes 28.5"-56" all in one packet.

Pattern for an early 19th century bodiced petticoat, bum roll and pocket. View A has a pleated skirt and 5 1" vertical tucks. View B has a plain gathered skirt. Both View A & B close in the back with buttons. View C is a Bum Roll and View D is a pocket. The bodiced petticoat is based on a pattern taken from an extant dress. The Bum Roll and pocket are copied exactly from an extant garments in the Laughing Moon costume collection.
View A & B can be made from plain white fabric and worn strictly as underwear, or they can be made from solid colored silks or elaborately embroidered white cotton and worn under sheer muslin dresses.

Fabric: Linen broadcloth, cotton muslin. cotton broadcloth, silk taffeta, silk satin. Notions: 3 1/4" buttons, 2 yards bias tape, View A & B 1 yard 1/4" ribbon. View Cc & D: 4 yards twill tape. View C: Wool, cotton or poly batting

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