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Difficulty: Intermediate 

The Ngaio Blouse (pronounce Ny-e-o, with the e almost silent), named for Dame Ngaio Marsh, playwrite and novelist, is an elegant 1930s inspired blouse with a modern twist.

The front features a V-neck and a gathered upper bodice, with pattern pieces for Small (A-B), Medium (C-DD/E) & Large (F+) busts. Back darts provide shaping below the waist so the top skims the waist and sits snugly on the hips. The darts release at the waist creating a blouson upper back. The top pulls on over the head, making for an easy closure-free sew.  

View A is sleeveless, View B has short sleeves. 

Recommended Fabrics: 
The Ngaio Blouse is designed for soft, lightweight fabrics with moderate to high drape, such as: cotton lawns; cotton & linen voiles; cotton, wool, & viscose/rayon challis; silk, viscose/rayon, synthetic, & very lightweight wool crepes; and charmeuse satin. The fabric requirements are the same for all views.

Jenni is just between an E & F cup, and wears a size 40 Medium bust size in yellow spotted silk crepe de chine in, and a size 40 Large bust size in blue & yellow Liberty silk-cotton voile.  

Leimomi is a B cup, and wears a size 38 Small bust in peach striped linen voile.  

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