E-PATTERN- WW2 Buckle Boot Felt Stocking Pattern

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Wearing History is proud to announce our new crafting patterns!

Inspired by the WW2 U.S. Army M1943 Double Buckle Boot, our stocking pattern is a whimsical take on the real thing. This boot makes a great gift for the WW2 re-enactor, history buff, veteran, or just about anyone!

We suggest using real wool felt in tan or brown for your stocking and black wool felt for your buckles and sole/heel. Comparing wool and acrylic felt, wool is much easier to work with, better looking, and more accurate for a vintage theme. Use your creativity to embellish this stocking with whimsical trims or embroidery.


Difficulty= BEGINNER

You can even make it if you don't own a sewing machine!  You can sew the outside of the stocking and the cuff by hand or by using blanket embroidery stitches.  Or simply whip it together on your sewing machine for a quick holiday project!


  • 15" felt stocking pattern + Bonus Stocking Ornament Pattern.
  • PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS that take you step by step through sewing the stocking and assembling the decorations

After you're done, simply decorate with sequins, pom-poms, buttons, trims, embroidery and more!


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