E-PATTERN- Evelyn- Circa 1917 Skirt Pattern with Pockets

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Wearing History #1008

Introducing Evelyn!  Our first pattern with photo instructions!

Evelyn is a beautiful 1910s era skirt that can be made with or without pockets.  This skirt hits two inches above the natural waist and falls from the top of an internal fitted waistband.  The skirt fastens at the side with hooks and eyes and snaps.  The pocket version of the skirt has fold down tabs that attach to a belt.  The back of the skirt is gathered.  When made without pockets, this works exceptionally well with suit jackets.  When paired with a blouse in matching fabric, it makes a wonderful skirt for a two-piece dress.

This pattern is a Wearing History Signature Styles pattern.  It was based on an original 1917 sewing pattern, and includes not only the original period sewing instructions, but also modern step-by-step photo instructions and cutting charts for modern fabric widths.  This pattern also includes notes about this pattern from Delineator magazines of 1917.

Informative videos about this pattern are coming soon!

Our printed pattern version of this pattern is printed on gorgeous bond paper with color cutting lines.  The printed version also includes instructions with a comb bound pattern booklet.  

Evelyn is shown with the Elsie blouse pattern in our adventure look, and with the 1910s Blouse and Guimpe pattern for the traditional 1910s look.  Blouse patterns sold separately.  Pair this with our 1916 Suit Pattern for even more 1910s looks!

This pattern is a great option for steampunk, historical, or modern wear!


- Difficulty -

This pattern is estimated to be an Intermediate pattern difficulty, but adventurous beginner sewers may be able to construct this with a little patience.  Our photo instructions make this skirt pattern quite user-friendly!


-Size Information and Yardage Requirements-





-Additional Notes-

Because this was based on a period original from an era in which women wore corsets, a mock up is HIGHLY SUGGESTED.  Test construction and fit on your unique figure before cutting into your fashion fabric.




This pattern is formatted for USA Letter Size and A4 sized paper. You will need to print this pattern to 100% scale. Open the "READ-ME-FIRST" File for instructions on printing and piecing your pattern. 

This pattern is tiled into letter sized paper. This pattern file is formatted to fit on both sizes of paper, and there will be varying thicknesses of white border, which will be cut off, according to pattern instructions. 

You will print these documents on your home printer, cut, and tape them together, to form a larger pattern layout. Then you cut and use your pattern just as you would a normal home sewing pattern. 

This pattern comes in a ZIP folder that must be decompressed to use, and uses a LOT of paper. 

*****The pattern uses 74 pages of paper*****

  • 1 for the e-pattern "how to" sheet. 
  • 20 pages for the instructions
  • 45 pages for the skirt, pocket flaps, waistbands, and belt pieces in one file.
  • 8 pages for the pocket piece. FOUR different size pocket files are included, in order to conserve paper. You select the pocket to print based on your waist size.

74 total sheets of 8.5" x 11" sized paper or A4 sized paper are needed to print this pattern.
You can read the sewing instructions on your computer to reduce paper use.


You will receive this e-pattern after payment is marked as "completed".  If ordering with mailed product there may be a slight delay in delivery.

This pattern is also available as a mailed, wide format paper pattern. You can find it in my shop.


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