E-PATTERN- 1950's Novelty Felt Stocking Pattern

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Wearing History is proud to announce our new patterns for crafts!

Make your Christmas whimsical with a 1950's inspired novelty felt stocking!  An original Wearing History design inspired by 1950's graphics and designs, this pattern is made from felt and can be decorated with felt and embroidery.

Difficulty= BEGINNER

You can even make it if you don't own a sewing machine!  You can sew the outside of the stocking and the cuff by hand or by using blanket embroidery stitches.  Or simply whip it together on your sewing machine for a quick holiday project!


  • 16" and 18" felt stocking pattern with a straight or scalloped cuff
  • Novelty designs to be cut from felt and glued or appliqued
  • PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS that take you step by step through sewing the stocking and assembling the decorations

After you're done, simply decorate with sequins, glue, pom-poms, trims, googly eyes, or embroidery!

Please note- no tutorials for embroidery stitches or templates for initials are included, but these can easily be found online.





This pattern is formatted for USA Letter Size and A4 sized paper.  You will need to print this pattern to 100% scale.  Open the "READ-ME-FIRST" File for instructions on printing and piecing your pattern. 

This Pattern Requires:

  • 10 sheets of paper for the stocking pattern
  • 9 sheets for the decoration designs
  • 1 for the e-pattern "how to" sheet.  
  • 8 pages for the instructions, which can be read on your computer if you do not want to print.

This pattern file is formatted to fit on USA Letter or A4 size paper and there will be varying thicknesses of white border, which will be cut off, according to pattern instructions.   This pattern is tiled into letter sized paper.  You will print these documents on your home printer, cut, and tape them together, to form a larger pattern layout.  Then you cut and use your pattern just as you would a normal home sewing pattern.   


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By purchasing this pattern you agree to the following terms:  This pattern is licensed exclusively to the original purchaser from Wearing History. DO NOT SHARE THIS PATTERN in email or any other form. For Personal Home Sewing Use Only. You may produce pieces on a small scale for profit, but please mention Wearing History. Tag us so we’ll tag you. We believe in supporting makers, your mentioning us helps us keep providing patterns. Thank you! 



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