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1908 Countryside Blouse Pattern

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Our Countryside Blouse is based on a photograph of a farm girl taken around 1908-1910. Similar style elements are found in fashion magazines from 1907-1909. It has a yoke that covers the top of the shoulders, with front and back panels that gather onto the yoke. The sleeve is a bishop style, and can be long or just below the elbow. Both sleeve lengths have a placket and button cuff closure. The front has a button placket closure, and closes at the neck with collar studs. An optional detachable collar can be added over the collar band of the blouse. The back waist is gathered, and tie strings are added to tie around the waist, controlling the pouf of the blouse.

What is interesting about the original photo from the fashion plates, are the gathers to the yoke. Most fashionable blouses for these years are tucked, instead of the gathered. This gives the blouse a more rural/utilitarian feel to it. A four-in-hand tie or bow tie can be worn with the detachable collar, but is not included in this pattern.


Sizing and Yardage Information:


All the sizes are included, as given below.


Sizing A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
Bust 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″ 38″ 40″ 42″ 44″ 46″ 48″ 50″ 52″ 54″ 56″
Waist 22″ 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″ 38″ 40″ 42″ 44″ 46″ 48″
3/8 yd or .4m – White cotton or linen fabric
Long Sleeve 2 1/8 yd. or 2.0m 2 7/8 yd. or 2.7m 3 3/4 yd. or 3.4m
Short Sleeve 2 1/8 yd. or 2.0m 2 3/4 yd. or 2.5m 3 1/4 yd. or 3.0m

**Yardages given are without nap, and for 44/45″ wide fabric.

Notions: Set of collar studs, 6-8 buttons for center front and 4-6 buttons for cuffs









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