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1897 Victorian Bicycling Outfit Pattern

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Pattern: #AC101

Era:  1890s Victorian

Difficulty:  Advanced



Pattern from La Mode Illustree, 1897

This pattern introduces a new line of patterns for Wearing History called Archive Couture.

Archive Couture patterns are an exercise for one’s skills, and an adventure into understanding sewing from antique patterns.  Please read more details about this pattern below.




  • A clean, computer drawn pattern of the basic pattern shapes needed to create the garment illustrated.
  • This pattern has been multi-sized, as it was originally only available in one size.
  • Original two paragraphs of pattern description and translation from French to English.
  • Tips of watch points for this specific pattern during construction and fitting.
  • Written tips of making a mock up and using a Pre-1910s pattern
  • Period instruction for sewing a pointed placket.
  • Unaltered period pattern shape and fit.  These pattern shapes retain historical accuracy, however, fit may need to be adjusted in the mock up phase.
  • Nine pages of information are supplied to help with using this pattern from period source material, however, there are no step by step or illustrated instructions. Archive Couture patterns are an exercise for one’s skills, and an adventure into understanding sewing from antique patterns

- - What Is NOT Included With This Pattern - -

As per the "About Archive Couture Patterns" paragraph below, what is not included is standard of patterns of this age.

  • NO SEAM OR HEM ALLOWANCE-  The sewer may add them at their preferred seam allowance width.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE pieces to make the bodice trimming & facings.  The dressmaker will need to supplement these by using the pieces included and the original pattern illustration for a guide, as our Victorian sisters would have done.  No pieces are included for the gaiters, tie, or rounded collar, as these were not originally included with this pattern.
  • NO yardage requirements or cutting layouts
  • NO step by step sewing instructions or illustrations.  You must be familiar with how to put a garment together using pattern shapes and garment illustration.
  • NO finishing techniques

- - About Archive Couture Patterns - -

Archive Couture patterns are of Advanced Difficulty and recommended for those who are familiar with putting patterns together with little to no instruction, and who are familiar with pattern alterations for fit. These patterns are have been taken from original historical source materials. These sources may include diagrams, overlapping patterns in magazine issues, early tissue paper patterns, or other period source material. The source material was used by experienced home sewists, dressmakers, or tailors of the period from which they are derived. These patterns were only available only in single sizes, with details such as grain lines or buttonholes most often unmarked. Wearing History has clarified markings (where given) and supplied tips for working with these historical patterns. You may choose to have a modern or period sewing book on hand to help with construction and fitting. Archive Couture patterns follow the period shapes of the original period source material, maintaining the historical accuracy and fit of the completed garment. Fitting a muslin mockup is strongly recommended, as all garments were meant to be worn over period foundation garments or corsetry. Fit and proportion of these patterns are different than modern costume patterns and may require alteration to fit your modern body, even when wearing period style foundations. Several mock ups may be required to achieve ideal fit. We believe these patterns should not be lost to time or languish in historical archives, but be made available for historical sewing enthusiasts of today.

I have made a video to help you with placket construction.  The instruction pages from the original book this technique was based on are included in your pattern.


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